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The beauty of a heartfelt gift. The sculpture by Gian Casper Bott.

479 639 Quiyou fashion stores in Livigno (SO)

In 1990 I received a giant green wooden G as a gift, a beautiful sculpture that is still placed in the garden of my house. Gian Casper Bott, an artist, but also a dear friend of mine, gave me that sculpture. He was able to give a beautiful interpretation of…

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lago di livigno

New vision for our brand. From 1965 to present days with the same passion

1024 682 Quiyou fashion stores in Livigno (SO)

Dear friends, especially those of you who know me better, I would like to tell you more about my career path, with that humility that has always characterised me. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I was a dreamer, a visionary, always looking for new challenges. You all know how much I…

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