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refined fragrances, unique, real masterpieces of composition
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The first Creed store was opened in 1760 in London; House of Creed has been for many years a secret temple of perfumes, open to very few people and has produced well over 200 fragrances, all original and hand-made. Today Olivier and Erwinn, father and son, as well as direct descendants of the house of perfumes, travel the world to find new essences and preserve the creative spirit and the traditions passed down from seven generations.

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From the very first creations, Creed has specialized in custom-made fragrances, much appreciated by royal celebrities and jetsetters from all over the world, such as Empress Eugenia (Napoleon’s wife), Queen Victoria, John F. Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush, Robert Redford, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and many others.

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