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Quiyou Summer Sale!

Quiyou Summer Sale Livigno
820 312 Quiyou fashion stores in Livigno (SO)

Sale, sale, sale!

In our stores you can buy a wide range of products, including clothing, at really affordable prices. You will get an immediate saving of 22% compared to prices in Italy, and a further extra -50% off thanks to summer sale!

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Our main goal is to give you the best shopping experience you may have.

Find out our shops:

  • Quiyou Emporio Armani: Via dala Gesa 407/B, Livigno
    Brand: Emporio Armani (man, woman, kids), EA7, Emporio Armani Underwear.
  • Quiyou Multibrand: Via Isola 133, Livigno
    BrandA|X Armani Exchange, Cavalli Class, Creed, Emporio Armani, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Tennis, Missoni, Versace Jeans Couture, What For.