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Presenting “GAME SET SKULL” by Hydrogen Tennis – the new men’s and women’s fashion line, dedicated to the world of Tennis.
A full line of technical gear engineered for Tennis professionals, yet adapted to running and other sports which require high-performance gear.
Fabrics and materials alike are of the finest quality, such as our Poliamide knit. The fit is ideal for any sport, allowing even the highest level athletes to stay dry and enjoy maximum, guaranteed freedom of movement.
The Hydrogen Tennis 2018 collection has landed with new lines: Camouflage, which has become a unmissable pattern for Hydrogen and offered here with stylish and geometrical designed shapes, presented also in a radiant red; 2Tech, with a more linear and two-colour design; Reflex Star, the most fashionable line, with high-visibility, reflective printed stars; and Wimbledon, the classic total white look, with polo shirts and shorts sporting their reflective skull. Completing the Hydrogen Tennis 2018 collection is the Tennis Court line, a fleece and t-shirt stretch-cotton line for training, the line ho hoodies and trousers in Carvico technical fabric and accessories.