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I Love Galli promotion. Join the club and start collecting points.

club quiyou privilegi esclusivi
1024 439 Quiyou fashion stores in Livigno (SO)

02Join Quiyou Club and participate in our I Love Galli programme. The accumulated points will be credited electronically on your  “Club Quiyou” card, to be shown to the cashier before the issuance of the receipt. The points collected will also be displayed on your receipt. For every euro spent, one point will be credited.

1,00 euro = 1 point

Start now to collect points with your family and your friends. When returning a product, the points accumulated for that purchase will be written off from your card. Customers can return a product only according to what provided for by the Civil Code and applicable laws.
The prize can be withdrawn at all stores participating in the initiative. Any changes or additions to this Regulation may be decided by the promoter, without prejudicing the rights acquired by the participants; any changes or additions will be communicated to participants according to the same procedures for the publication of the original conditions of participation.
Once reached the point threshold, customers can claim their prize, which is a voucher of the value specified in the table below.

The points, collected from time to time until 11.01.2018, will be used to request your prize, once reached the point thresholds, as follows:

600EUR 50,00 shopping voucher
1000EUR 90,00 shopping voucher
1600EUR 160,00 shopping voucher

You can withdraw your prize once reached the relevant point threshold. The shopping voucher will be printed by the cashier, on request, and will be delivered only to the Club Quiyou card holder.  Shopping vouchers are exempt from VAT, shall not be divisible and shall be used within 6 months. We do not give change when spending vouchers. When spending a voucher, you are not entitled to point accumulation.

Terms and Conditions at the page Club Quiyou.