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Quiyou is your shopping experience in Livigno

With two stores and over 15 high fashion selected brands, we have been the protagonists of duty free shopping in Livigno, also known as the little Tibet, since 1965.

Your Fashion Experience

Competence, friendliness and professionalism are the strengths of our customer service since 1965.  Our stores offer a style which is always new, according to the latest fashion trends. A unique and fun shopping experience you will remember and recommend to your friends. Visit the Armani store and Multibrand store.


New Collections

All new collections of our brands are available at Livigno duty free price.



The most exclusive high fashion brands will give you unique emotions and a shopping experience that will win your heart.


Customer focus

We know your taste, we listen to your opinions and we make our choices based on them.

Create your look, order it online and collect in store!

The first Click and Collect in Livigno

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Quiyou Summer Sale Livigno
Quiyou Summer Sale!
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